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You’re hired to perform. Wired to perform.
Skara protects you from overexerting yourself.

What is Skara?
– a voice assistant prompting you with guided reloading breaks.
– curated and personalized techniques for dealing with stress.
– personal energy management optimized for resilience.

Skara updates your daily habits.

without Skara: self-imposed strictness leads to overexertion, decreased wellbeing and productivity. Teams with go-mentality are taken by surprise when members burnout or bail.
with Skara: you are assisted in staying energized, pro-actively. Teams have awareness of energy levels and implement collaborative problem solving for sources of stress.

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Purpose Driven Founders

Amor Muto
“Coaching over 200 people on burnout thought me 1 thing: it’s human to forget that you have boundaries. Reloading in the competitive world is a challenge. That’s why Skara is here to guide.”

+31 651 948 218
Michael de Gans
“Deploying code and fixing bugs as a developer is addictive. The excitement and drive are a double-edged sword. After 8 years of doing agile and scrum, I believe we can do better.”

Vasilis Gkatzis
“I know that being glued to a screen is neither productive nor healthy. Still, nobody is immune to digital addiction. That’s why we’re building a voice first solution.”

Insightful Advisors

Ignatius Nothnagel
ex-Amazon, executive coach
Narges Lotfi
ex-Accenture, Yagoy
Irwan Iriks,
Entrepreneur, Investor